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Every few years, the whole of Cardiff High School would assemble in the playground for one of those group panoramic photographs. I took part in one in May 1968, about two months before I left. This is me from it, aged 16.
You can view the whole panoramic photo (in four sections) on an external link at:-

Tony Woods

Phillip Cameron
Above, from the same panoramic photo, you see my two best mates at Cardiff High School.
Tony is now married, with three kids, and making pots of money in 'Project Management', whatever that is, somewhere in the Midlands. (Weren't 'project managers' known as 'foremen' in the 'old days'?).
Phillip - well, I haven't a clue, but I hope he is still around, playing the fiendishly clever chess he played at school (maybe with his grandchildren this time) and is happy, wherever he is and whatever else he's doing.
So here's to friendship....... memory........and 'old times' - the 'Best of Times'.
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" Hmmmm..."