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I'm now in the merchant navy.
Me awoken from my 'pit' by my steward 'Paul' (not his real name). It looks like I had a very rowdy night down the crew bar the night before and sunk a few too many Sopporo beers! Oh! My head!
What do you think of that gorgeous brown suntan? Not the pin-up's, stupid.  My suntan. It was all over too. Sunbathing naked wasn't my only naturist activity on this ship. As it happened to have a small swimming pool on board, sometimes I used to go 'skinny-dipping' in it in the evenings when things had quietened down a bit.
Sometimes 'Paul' used to join me. Now, now - it's not what you think. There is nothing homosexual about two handsome young men swimming naked together alone in the moonlight. We were just good friends. Honest!
I was 22 years old when this photo was taken, and in my prime. A 28inch waist; a full head of dark hair; and 8 st 2 lbs of rippling skin and bone!
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On the 'piss' again!