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Inside Report No 6

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My school report. Summer term 1966. Form 3b

I dropped Geography and Biology after this year - just as well! I'd have dropped French too, if I'd been allowed to, but I had to waste everybody's time, especially my own, banging my head against this particular brick wall for another two years. I never even bothered to turn up for our final French exam (G.C.E. O Level). I spent the day in bed instead, playing with myself. The only bit of pleasure I ever got out of French, up till then!
North American and Continental viewers may be surprised to see Scripture Knowledge on the timetable. That was another compulsory subject, this one required by law, would you believe, even though Cardiff High School was not a 'Church' school. I'm afraid that the British state education system is not secular, and has been under the control of rabid Christian Supremacists ever since day one, determined to exploit the compulsory nature of education to get the 'Christian' message across to everyone - compulsory Sunday School attendance by the back door, in effect. I don't know where they get this idea from that three compulsory verses of  'Jesus wants me for a (bleedin') sunbeam' is going to make us all Christians, or even better citizens (sorry, subjects. We're not a republic in Britain - yet, more's the pity!)
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