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My Life in Pictures: The first 30 years
My Life in Pictures: The first 30 years
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Welcome to my pictorial biography pages. Clicking on the links below, you will see in pictures, episodes from my life, with a commentary on each picture. Some of the pages have additional pictures, commentaries and links to further enlargements on them. You can access them all sequentially, without returning to this page, using the link at the bottom of each page.

Eightyone days old

Best friends

Me and my dad

Me, aged six


The 'spider' walk

My mates at junior school

Big ears!

Two monkeys!

Me, aged 12

Me and my mum

" The Thinker. "

" Swinging! "

" You vote Tory? ......."

My first girlfriend.....

Sweet fifteen......

School photo 1968


" Vote for me........."

Good morning!

On the 'piss' again!

" Frying tonite! "

" Hello CQ "