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" I've been everywhere, man! "
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Welcome to my " I've been everywhere, man! " page. On it, I intend to list all the many places I visited when I was in the Merchant Navy, with links to live webcam pictures - there's loads out there! Obviously, this will take some time, so don't expect to see much before mid 2003.
But just to whet your appetite, here are a couple to start with.


I regularly sailed through the Panama Canal on my many trips to New Zealand and Australia

Here is a webcam picture from that nudist beach I used to go on in Australia

Swanbourne beach

Now don't get exited. The nudists are located just out of camera shot, on the right-hand side. Sorry to disappoint you! The best time to view this particular site is in the morning. There are also some archived pictures taken earlier in the day

Don't forget about the time difference here. Some of the sites have archived photos from earlier in the day.