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Inside Report No 8

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My school report. Summer term 1967. Form 4B

Don't be misled here about the reference to coxing the junior IV rowing. We never took part in any competitive races, and our training sessions consisted of little more than rowing apparently purposefully from the jetty of Llandaff Rowing Club to just around the bend of the Taff, where we could no longer be seen, and then stopping for a 'fag' or two for the rest of the afternoon! But it wasn't my idea. The rest of them downed oars, usually instigated by Peter Dolan, and lit up, much against my expressed wishes, but I was not going to argue with four strapping fifteen-year-olds! In my twenties, I spent several years in the Merchant Navy, but it appears I experienced my first 'mutiny' before I had even left school!
And the buggers would never give me a fag either! Probably afraid it would stunt my growth, although as I was already the smallest boy in the school, it was probably a course of action taken a bit late. Or perhaps they were thinking about the prospective growth of some other part of my body!
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