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Inside Report No 5

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My school report. Christmas term 1965. Form 3B

I hate to say this, but I'm afraid Mr Bailey (the K.H.B here) summed me up better than anyone. It's ironic that someone that HATED Geography should end up travelling the world extensively in the Merchant Navy, seeing places that Geography teachers like Mr Bailey could only DREAM about seeing. Travelling certainly does broaden the mind. While at Cardiff High School, the Middle East meant no more to me than 'Middle Earth', and was about as unreal and unappealing. I know differently now. To see, (and smell!) foreign parts for real is indescribably mind-blowing!
Since being made redundant from the Merchant Navy in 1982, I haven't done any travelling abroad at all. (The nearest I can get these days is watching some foreign language 'art' movie at the Chapter Arts Centre in Canton, Cardiff, or walking round Newport - each day Britain is getting more like the third-world countries I used to visit, with all the beggars on the street and all.) I feel like a caged bird, locked up in this god-forsaken shit-hole of a country called Britain, yearning to be free. There's a whole world going on 'out there' and I'm not a part of it anymore. It breaks my heart.
These were the last set of reports the long-time headmaster of Cardiff High School - George Diamond - marked, so you won't find any more histrionic red biro comments on the rest of them!
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